Aliva Facade System

TAILORED SYSTEMS FOR Metal sheets and meshes

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Perforated sheets rainscreen system

Perforated sheets, which are extremely versatile in terms of size and shape, are ideally suited to the cladding of new buildings or the recladding of existing ones, giving them an eye-catching appearance. The structures engineered and custom made by Aliva allow perforated sheets rainscreen system or perforated sheets ventilated facade to be created with any shape and "texture", enhancing the design and personality of all kinds of architecture.

Expanded meshes rainscreen system

The expanded mesh metal sheets are produced using various processes that create diamond-shaped openings in the material, allowing the passage of air and light. The use of these features in the facade, to realize an expanded meshes rainscreen system or expanded meshes ventilated facade, thanks to the structures engineered and custom made by Aliva, makes it possible to create surfaces with highly distinctive designs, producing effects with shadows, shapes and volumes.

Wire meshes rainscreen system

Produced by the intertwining of wires, meshes are widely used in modern architecture to create geometrical effects, as well as effects of light and transparency. The structures engineered and tailored by Aliva enable wire meshes rainscreen system or wire meshes ventilated facade to be created having a strong visual impact.