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Ivas Group has been chosen to join the exclusive club "ELITE" of Euronext Group - Borsa Italiana, the international network of companies with the best economic performance and the most promising growth prospects. ELITE also includes successful partners and investors focused on helping to transform the corporate vision into strategic plans and concrete results. An opportunity for growth for the entire company and its management, an opportunity to strengthen its leadership in Italy and in the world.

Ivas Group’s access to this prestigious private market has been made possible thanks to the important economic and organizational performance of recent years, the consistency of the business model and the convincing growth strategy for years to come. 

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE, said: “We are happy to welcome Gruppo Ivas to ELITE, which will then have access to new skills and capital to accelerate its growth projects. ELITE companies have various alternative finance tools at their disposal, they are growing and creating jobs, thus contributing to the economic prosperity of our country and the markets in which they operate. 2022 is a very significant year for ELITE. We celebrate the first 10 years. The entry into ELITE, today, of these 22 new companies is a further important piece of our journey, which is based on the success stories of entrepreneurs and companies that have leveraged our platform to accelerate growth and set themselves increasingly ambitious goals".

Vincenzo Colonna, CEO of Ivas Group, declare: “ELITE represents a great opportunity for the Group, for its growth, for internationalization and networking; as well as being an excellent training opportunity to develop, expand and consolidate the skills of our top management".

Filippo Colonna, CEO & CMO of Ivas Group, said: “The entry into ELITE represents an important step for us, which aligns perfectly with the path of organizational and strategic improvement already started in recent years through the introduction of "Lean Thinking" (the Japanese lean thinking strategy applied with great results from the best companies in the world) to all business departments.

Jacopo Colonna, Dir. General of Aliva:
“ELITE is an ambitious challenge for us, which will allow us to respond better to all current challenges, not least the Group’s social and environmental sustainability profile, a point on which we are focusing particularly".

The company thus receives the seal of quality “ELITE Company”, which allows it to stand out on the international scene as an excellent company, growing and part of a innovative ecosystem and high value.