Aliva, Made in Italy Rainscreen Systems

Aliva: rainscreen systems and ventilated facades, from design to construction

We develop customised solutions for rainscreen systems or ventilated facades in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and implementing all kinds of architectural ideas in the field of building envelope design.
A strong commitment to the “tailored” approach is combined with a vast catalogue of original solutions, tried and tested in over thirty years of direct on-site experience: a know-how employed in the service of “made-to-measure” design, for finely tailored solutions to clothe the most daring of projects.
To ensure the quality of our services and consultancy for rainscreen systems and the appropriate level of technical and design assistance during the installation phase anywhere in the world, we work closely with our local companies and with dealers of proven reliability.
Our mission is to allow the designer to realise his vision of a building envelope, with no limitations on his choice of material, technology or aesthetics for rainscreen systems or ventilated facades, adopting a highly tailored approach that includes both "prêt-à-porter" solutions which can be applied to the project easily and quickly, and fully "tailored" solutions, to create a unique, exclusive and highly fashionable "look".



Rainscreen system (or ventilated facade): the main reasons for choosing it

Rainscreen system or ventilated facade is the answer to different issues, including:
In its narrowest definition, a rainscreen system is a dry-built screen in which the interspace between the cladding and the wall is designed to allow the natural flow of air using the "chimney effect". But in our interpretation it is not merely an internal - external diaphragm but rather a dynamic filter that is the expression of an architectural "language" capable of properly satisfying the needs of well-being and comfort in a sustainable manner. READ MORE


The certificate confirms that Aliva Srl complies with the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design, marketing and production of building-façade systems (IAF 28,29)
The certificate confirms that Aliva now has an environmental management system certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 STANDARD
The SOA Certificate certifies Aliva Srl as a qualified company for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts.
Technical body for product testing, certification, research, analysis laboratory and testing of building materials
Certification of compliance of the product with EC Directives
European organisation for technical assessment in the building products industry
Leading certification body in the construction sector in Great Britain.
It sets industry standards and publishes standards and guidelines for the entire construction industry in the field of building envelopes and doors and windows in Great Britain.
Algerian National Centre for Study and Integrated Research for Buildings
Spanish institute of science and construction for the technical suitability of buildings
Technical body for advanced product testing, certification, research, planning and training in Italy
Coordinating organization that provides information, realize and grant energetic buildings re qualifying projects for corporates and private entities on the Italian national market.