Materials and Surfaces for Architecture

The collection by Aliva, he result of extensive research into the aesthetics of the materials used for facades and their potential for expression. By developing substructures and fastening systems, Aliva offers complete, unique, and original solutions of great creativity and architectural inspiration, in response to specific requirements.

"Materials and Surfaces for Architecture" is the transfer to the facade of evocative impressions and memories that have been projected into visions of the future. The materials are defined and catalogued according to their characteristics and performance, in order to find solutions to specific technical project requirements.


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Aliva: rainscreen systems and ventilated facades, from design to construction We develop customised solutions for rainscreen systems or ventilated facades in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and implementing all kinds of architectural ideas in the field of building envelope design.
A strong commitment to the “tailored” approach is combined with a vast catalogue of original solutions, tried and tested in over thirty years of direct on-site experience: a know-how employed in the service of “made-to-measure” design, for finely tailored solutions to clothe the most daring of projects.
To ensure the quality of our services and consultancy for rainscreen systems and the appropriate level of technical and design assistance during the installation phase anywhere in the world, we work closely with our local companies and with dealers of proven reliability. enter