Aliva Facade Systems


Porcelain tile rainscreen system 20mm

Natural echoes and vibrant visual interplay.
Ceramic.covering tells a wondrous tale of a journey of discovery, natural impressions and creative symphonies, pure and genuine beauty, for a new facade narrative that is elegant, harmonious and extraordinarily resistant to the flow of time.
Ceramic.covering is the creative intuition that not only defines the aesthetic canon of the building envelope, but also shapes visual and tactile sensations towards new inspirations, with the infinite textures, finishes and combinations that porcelain stoneware offers. The cladding panels, for ventilated façade, are made of pure and natural elements combined in a single material with exceptional hardness, excellent mechanical properties and zero water absorption, with a maximum size of 1200x1200 mm. 

The EN AW-6063 T6/T66 (AlMgSi) aluminium alloy substructure system is made up of extruded brackets and risers of suitable section, and 20mm thick slabs, with a KERF cut at the top and bottom edges to accommodate the concealed fasteners. The fastening clips, mechanically fixed to the substructure, are made of chemically stabilised and cold-hardened AISI 304L stainless steel and are housed in the extruded profiles to ensure the fastening of the cladding elements in all conditions, whether with vertical or horizontal architectural modulation

100% Made in Italy

  • Recyclability
  • Recycled content
  • Impact resistance
  • Chemicals resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fire reaction
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents
  • single panel replacement


Ceramic.Covering è is the collection characterised by effects that interact with the external context: wood, stone, marble, granite, quartz and concrete, for a natural and contemporary facade's design.


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Rainscreen system composition

  • 1 Ali Q vertical mullion
  • 2 U bracket
  • 3 Rivet
  • 4 EPDM clip
  • 5 Upper Clip
  • 6 Lower Clip

Technical Documents