Ariacovering® by Aliva & Starcell

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The Ariacovering® rainscreen system by Aliva & Starcell is the designing answer to the aesthetic requirements of using large-sized, lightweight cladding

The core of the Ariacovering® technology consists of an aluminium honeycomb panel, designed, made and tested entirely in Italy, together with the partner company Starcell Spa.
Production of the Ariacovering® panels takes place in a completely automated structure, ensuring maximum repeatability and reliability of the product.
The metal "skins" are mounted on to the honeycomb core and joined together by means of a heating process, giving the composite panel excellent rigidity and resistance to bending.
The panels are completed with the application of the cladding material: gres stoneware, glass or metals, with an extraordinary architectural impact thanks to sizes up to 1.5 x 4.2 metres.

It is possible to assemble single panels of glass (ensuring the same safety as laminated glass) enamelled and/or silk-screen printed, starting from a thickness of 5mm.
It is possible to assemble any gres stoneware panels, in any size and thickness, starting from 3mm.

Panels can be finished with any type of metal available in sheets, starting from a thickness of 0.3 mm.  
Finishes are all those obtained with the surface treatment of metals.
The Ariacovering® panels are certified for Fire Class A2 s1 d0 and are therefore incombustible; more than 20 tests in compliance with European Standards certify and guarantee the technical characteristics and inalterability over time.