Aliva Facade Systems


Composite panels rainscreen system. In partnership with Starcell®

Ventilated façade system for large format panels ARIACOVERING®

Aliva’s ventilated façade system for large format panels allows to assemble large format ceramic, glass and metal panels

The  Ventilated façade system for large format panels Ariacovering® by Aliva & Starcell represents the design solution to the aesthetic need to use large formats lightened slabs on rainscreen systems.The backbone of Ariacovering® technology consists of an aluminum alloy alveolar core designed, manufactured and tested entirely in Italy, together with our partner company Starcell Spa.The metallic "skins", assembled to the alveolar core by a continuous industrial process, give the resulting panel an extraordinary stiffness and flexural strength.The panels are completed with the assembly of the finishing material: porcelainglass or metals, with extraordinary architectural impact thanks to the dimensions up to 1.5 x 4.2 meters.

Ariacovering® panels are certified A2 s1 d0 Class of reaction to fire and are therefore  incombustible; over 20 Eropean standard tests certify and guarantee the technical characteristics and durability over time. The production of Ariacovering® panels takes place in a fully automated system to ensure maximum repeatability and reliability of the product.


System Composition

  • 1 T1 vertical mullion
  • 2 L bracket
  • 3 Wall anchor
  • 4 TL rivet
  • 5 Oras profile
  • 6 Fixing fastener
  • 7 Locking system
  • 8 Adjustable fastener

Technical Documents