Aliva Facade Systems


Aliva's system for thin and large-format porcelain tiles rainscreen system.



Nexocovering® by Aliva is the connection between the need of façade's design with large format modules, the need for maximum security guaranteed over time and cost containment.

This technology represents the most innovative proposal of a joint technique between aluminium alloy structural elements and low thickness slabs (
≥ 5mm), ensuring certified and constant perfomance over time.

This joint productione process is compliant with the industry 4.0 protocol, involving the assembly in an automated industrial line and in a controlled environment with the traceability of each parameter involved. 

During the on-site installation, the pre-assembled components ensure the reduction of time and uncertainties related to improvisation on site and to its environmental conditions. The more than 20 European standard tests, including specific aging ones, guarantee a minimum life design of 25 years. 

Aliva's Nexocovering® technology has no limits of use for extreme environmental conditions.


Nexocovering® by Aliva is the rainscreen system dedicated to thin and large-format porcelain facings:

1. It boasts a high degree of prefabrication, in order to reduce installation times, and provides extruded aluminum alloy profiles joined to a finishing plate in ceramic material using an innovative dry structural adhesive joint technology. The interconnection system of the facade slabs, already patented by Aliva (No. 102015000087073), creates closed horizontal and open vertical joints and allows free expansion of the facing and the structure.

2. Thanks to the FACE TAPE system, it uses a certified joining process that takes place in a controlled environment by means of an automatic custom line, compliant with the Industry 4.0 protocol with integrated monitoring systems for parameters such as temperature, humidity and joining cycle, surface cleaning of stoneware slabs, traceability of each individual panel by means of a unique identification and physical label, quality control on the processed products by means of destructive and non-destructive tests performed on each lot.

3. Equipped with certification of the complete system at the independent CertiMaC laboratory (Notified Body n.2685 CRP EU 305/2011) through a test protocol designed, in accordance with the European regulations in force, to meet a minimum life design of 25 years, including : mechanical tests (wind load, tensile and shear stress on the ceramic-aluminum joint), verification of structural integrity and resistance of the ceramic-aluminum joint before and after accelerated aging cycles representative of the life of the facade in place (cycles of immersion in water 21 days, immersion in basic water 7 days, immersion in chlorinated water 7 days, heat cycles 14 days at 70 ° C, freeze-thaw -15 + 20 ° C, sun rain + 15-70 ° C, exposure to frost -20 ° C , exposure to extreme heat and humidity 28 days at 60 ° C + 95% RH).

4. Equipped with a certificate for its ability to withstand wind pressure under pressure and depression> 6000 Pa (or 600 Kg / m2).

5. Equipped with CE marking of all systems components.


Rainscreen system composition

  • 1 T1 vertical mullion
  • 2 L bracket
  • 3 Wall anchor
  • 4 TL rivet
  • 5 Retaining clip
  • 6
  • 7

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