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category: R&D, Sustainability  Friday 08 April 2022

The Sustainable Building and all its Façade Ventilated

Let's build a more sustainable future together!

Today we would like to accompany you in a small excursus between the different "ventilated facades" of sustainable building curated by Aliva, without neglecting DRIVE 0, one of the largest European projects focused on the development of circular solutions of deep renovation, of which we are proudly industrial partners.

In recent years we have embarked on a path of progressive reduction of environmental impact. An ambitious choice in an industry that is anything but green, which embraces the corporate philosophy of everythink is possible. The deep engineering vocation combined with continuous innovation and know-how gives life to consumer centred projects, where customer needs are the focus of projects, trying to accomplish them through highly customized and green solutions. San Marino Outlet Experience is an example with its 11 different types of ventilated façades, characterized by reliefs, patterns and three-dimensional shapes, able to fit with full respect in the surrounding environment (UNESCO World Heritage).

The complex complies the BREEAM protocol, one of the most important certification standards for building sustainability, and introduce eco-friendly materials, an integrated photovoltaic system and 300 sqm of green facades. An architectural tribute to nature, an element with strong aesthetic and creative impact, able to improve the air quality and the thermal performance of the building.

facciata custom san marino outlet experience
Reference: San Marino Outlet Experience - custom ventilated façade

Sustainability remains a fundamental requirement for the ventilated façades of tomorrow and Aliva – is working in this direction from years – using recycled material from virtuous suppliers, as well as promoting the use of extremely durable and modular products like aluminum. The rainscreen system façade used for Microsoft’s European headquarter in Dublin is the perfect example of how aluminium is suitable for creating case with a strong visual impact and a long-life design. We are talking about ventilated facades that are extremely resistant to environmental conditions and the corrosion linked to the passage of time.

The material used in this work is for the 80% recycled and infinitely recyclable. Reminding that the façade system respects the principles of Design for Disassembly, aiming to extend life cycle of the building or its parts, providing alternative use scenarios and limiting waste and scraps of demolition and/ or construction.

facciata ventilata alluminio microsoft
Reference: Headquarter Microsoft - ventilated façade aluminium - Alucovering 

Refurbish in an attractive, environmentally friendly and affordable way?
Prefabrication with plug&play modular panels opens the door to the future and shifts the focus from the construction site to the factory, optimizing the production process and the consequent reduction of time, making the entire process more sustainable and efficient.

A significant advantage for the entire construction chain, which also improves the integration between the design, architectural and engineering components, making the entire process more digitalized. Aliva, in recent years, has collaborated with several companies to provide fully prefabricated and pre-assembled solutions such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Prada Store in Las Vegas and Lowell’s Hamilton Canal District Parking, believing in the potential offered by the Plug & Play Approach.

facciata ventilata personalizzata
Reference: Teatro alla Scala, Prada Store in Las Vegas, Lowell's Hamilton Parking in Massachusetts- ventilated façade custom

The ventilated façade solutions proposed by Aliva are aimed at making buildings more beautiful, efficient and functional, reducing their polluting emissions. In this perspective, our research & development department has been collaborating for years with several Research Centres, Laboratories, Universities and international projects to introduce new processes, new systems and technologies for the building envelope with improved energy and mechanical performance, which include the use of the most advanced materials and the most modern production technologies.

Whatever is your request, let's make it happen together. 
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